We are a Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons Accredited Practice under the Practice Standards Scheme. To achieve this we have to have a very high standard of clinical care, hygiene, health and safety, employment law compliance, clinical protocols and more.

You can visit the RCVS page here to find out more here.

With our state of the art, design built practice, we have a huge array of facilities to enable us to provide the very best in animal care. We are constantly investing in the practice which enables us to keep up with the latest and greatest in pet health.

The practice is divided in to separate areas where various procedures are carried out.


Where the Vet will initially examine your pet when they are poorly and carry out all routine check-ups including vaccinations.


This is where animals are anaesthetised and prepared for surgery. The Vet will ‘scrub up’ here and get ready for theatre. Once ready the animal is wheeled through to the operating theatre.

The prep room is also used for non-sterile procedures such as dentals, ear cleaning, blood sampling etc. This ensures that the operating theatre remains clean.


It is used for all sterile surgical procedures, for example, abdominal surgery, orthopaedics and such like. Sterile instrument trolley, drapes, gloves and gowns are used as standard for every operation.

A nurse remains with the patient during the whole procedure and monitors the anaesthetic and recovery.



We have a wall mounted, modern, high frequency X-ray machine that can be pulled out and used as and when necessary. In 2012 we invested in a brand new Digital X-ray Processor.

There are a number of benefits to developing X-rays this way – the time from taking the image to seeing your x-ray is less than a minute which drastically reduces the length of time an animal has to be sedated; also once the image is on the screen we can zoom in and out if there is a particular area of concern; and we can email images to specialists if required who receive them instantly.


Our patients are kept very comfortable in our kennels using a range of bedding. Our bedding of choice is VetBed as it is soft, warm and keeps patients dry should they have little ‘accidents’ when recovering from surgery. We make sure thateach kennel is disinfected between patients



Our in-house laboratory allows us to run numerous tests. We have up to date Idexx Biochemistry and Lasercyte Haematology blood analysers meaning we can take a blood sample and have results the same day. Our microscope allows us to check samples like blood smears and ear swabs.


Vettest Biochemistry Analyser and Lasercyte Haematology Analyser for in house laboratory blood tests.

Centrifuge – preparing blood and urine samples for testing.

Microscope – for examining blood smears, to look for parasites, examining ear swabs.

Glucometer – a fast way to measure blood glucose levels, particularly useful for an acute diabetic patient.

Autoclave – steam steriliser for surgical instruments, drapes and gowns.

Ultrasound Machine – used for a variety of procedures for example, pregnancy diagnosis, bladder stone detection, tumour detection, checking for abdominal bleeds.

Blood Pressure Monitor – particularly useful in older patients and those with kidney problems, it’s a non-evasive procedure which can tell us a lot about the general health of the patient.

Full in-house laboratory suite – where all in house blood tests, urine tests and cytology take place.